About Us

Dallas Web DesignMontfort Web Design is a small web design and SEO business owned by Joel Montfort. Joel is a graduate of U.T Austin with a BA in Art and spent several years working for both of the big PC companies in Texas, starting out in sales and finishing as a Systems Engineer with his MCSE from Microsoft.

Seeking an outlet for his creativity he launched his web design business in 2007 to help small businesses in the Dallas area reach a larger market. He does this by building and designing their websites, hosting and  Search Engine Optimization expertise.

If you are a small business looking to come on line and extend your reach then contact us today. We Can Help! Don’t think that simply building a site for free and hosting it somewhere will bring in new clients. It simply won’t happen. SEO is not magic. When you search from something and see sites on page one of the search engine they have put a lot of effort into getting there.

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